At A Smile we pride ourselves on offering the latest technology, allowing a wider range of services. In addition to services such as root canal therapy, wisdom teeth removal, dentures, implants, teeth whitening, scaling and cleaning, see our list of innovative treatments below all designed to keep you smiling.

Laser decay detection.
No needles. No drilling.

That’s a reason to smile!

When you think of tooth decay, needles and drills immediately come to mind. A Smile Dental in Taree now has the technology to detect tooth decay earlier. This means we can avoid painful needles and drilling!

Our innovative new DIAGNOcam will shine a light through your tooth to search for any dark spots that indicate the very earliest signs of decay. No X-rays required! Capturing a potential problem at this stage allows for a painless treatment to arrest the spread of decay before it begins to compromise your tooth structure. So make an appointment with A Smile Dental today. Getting in early has its benefits.

Same day crowns.

Another reason to smile!


Fitting a crown to your tooth has always been a drawn-out process. A Smile Dental in Taree now has the technology to mill and place a crown in one appointment, without impressions!

The efficiency of our process in no way compromises the quality of your crown either. Metal-free, individually coloured and fitted to precision, our product is so good we offer you a seven year warranty*. Their longevity also means fewer visits to the dentist, ultimately saving you money. Call us today for an appointment or to find out more.

*Conditions Apply.

3D X-Rays in-house.
Increased accuracy. Reduced time.

Still smiling!


The latest 3D X-Ray technology enables us to gain a more accurate assessment and establish a treatment plan in a minimum time period.

More accurate planning for; implants, surgical treatments like wisdom teeth removal, root canal therapy, TMJ problems, periodontal diagnosis.

Protecting more than just your mouth.

Smile with confidence.


Cutting edge German technology allows us to produce a mouthguard with the toughness up front to protect your teeth and a more maleable material toward the back to help avoid jaw or skull injuries.

Tailor made to give you the best possible protection and in a choice of colours too!